Sparkle Threw The Crowd!

Modernize and personalized the hottest trend this season. Mix your sequin skirt, pant and short with a cool graphic Tee, an awesome textured leather clutch and strappy heels, booties or combat boots! Try this look out and tag us at @mgstylingsisters for a chance to get featured on our blog!!!


Rock a cool school girl getup with an edge that sets you apart from the rest! Personalize this black & white print in a variety of silhouettes, available at @forever21 now!

The Black Winter Boot You Need!

Now that we can officially say it is Winter time, we need to invest in a nice classic black boot! Check of this flat leather black boot from @Zara for only $179. Keep in mind that you want your boots to have structure and have clean and simple finishes, making it versatile and chic with any outfit!

It’s Anything But Boring Gray!

Be body conscious my lovely ladies. Slip into these body hugging dresses and show the world what your mama gave you! There’s nothing like a well fitted dress to boost up your confidence and show men whose really BOSS! Wear the dress in grey, and show them that it’s not just black & white, that there are wonderful shades of grey to which we can all compromise, and look good doing it!


Honestly, @JLO is flawless and breathtakingly beautiful. At 45 years old she shows us all that with hard work and dedication we can be better versions of ourselves as we grow older and wiser. Obviously, expensive skin care products, personal trainers and personal chefs help.